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Index Entry  Section

.close: close command
.doc: doc command
.editor: editor command
.exit: exit command
.file: file command
.info: info command
.ios: ios command
.load: Pickles
.load: load command
.mem: mem command
.nbd: nbd command
.pokerc: Invoking poke
.pokerc: Dumping File Contents
.pokerc: pokerc
.quit: quit command
.set: set command
.source: source command
.vm: vm command

:: Conditional Expression

?: Conditional Expression

@: The Map Operator

^L: Vertical separator

__FILE__: __LINE__ and __FILE__
__LINE__: __LINE__ and __FILE__

addition: Offset Operations
AND: Bitwise Operators
any, the any type: type
any, the any type: The any Type
arguments: Commands and Dot-Commands
arguments: Optional Arguments
arithmetic: Arithmetic Operators
array cutoff: set command
array functions: Array Functions
arrays: Arrays
arrays, trimming: Modifying SBM Images
ASCII: Character Sets
assert: assert
assignment: Assignments
atoi: atoi
attributes, array attributes: Array Attributes
attributes, function attributes: Function Attributes
attributes, integer attributes: Integer Attributes
attributes, offset: Offset Attributes
attributes, string attributes: String Attributes
attributes, struct attributes: Struct Attributes

base, argument in atoi: atoi
base, of displayed values: set command
big endian: Big and Little Endians
binary: Integer Literals
binary: printf
binary files: Binary Files
bitsize: Integer Literals
bitwise operators: Bitwise Operators
boolean operators: Boolean Operators
boolean values: Booleans
break: while
break: for-in
break: try-until

calling, function calls: Calling Functions
casts: Negative Integers
casts: Casting Integers
casts: Casting Offsets
catos: catos
character: Character Sets
character set: Character Sets
character, locating in a string: strchr
characters: Characters
checksum: CRC Functions
close: close
closures: Array Types
coercions: Poking a SBM Image
command files: Command Files
commands: Commands and Dot-Commands
commands, customizing: Dumping File Contents
commands, passing arguments: Dumping File Contents
comments: Comments
comparing, arrays: Array Comparison
comparing, structs: Struct Comparison
comparison: Relational Operators
complement: Bitwise Operators
compound statements: Compound Statements
concatenation, bitwise: Bitwise Operators
concatenation, strings: String Concatenation
conditional expressions: Conditional Expression
conditional statements: if-else
constraints: Field Constraints
constructing, arrays: Array Constructors
continue: while
continue: for-in
conversion functions: Conversion Functions
conversions: Poking a SBM Image
converting, arrays to strings: catos
converting, strings to arrays: stoca
converting, strings to integers: atoi
copy: copy
CRC: CRC Functions

date: Dates and Times
decimal: Integer Literals
decimal: printf
declarations, function declarations: Function Declarations
deflate: Offsets and Sizes
depth, of displayed struct fields: set command
digits separator: Integer Literals
disassembler: .vm disassemble
division: Offset Operations
doc: doc command
dot-commands: Commands and Dot-Commands
dump: dump
dump: Calling Functions

eBPF: Endian built-ins
editor: editor command
ELF: Offset Units
ELF: Field Constraints
ELF: Endian built-ins
end of file: Array maps bounded by number of elements
end of file: Exceptions
end of file: try-until
endianness: Big and Little Endians
endianness: set command
endianness: Endianness
endianness: set endian
errors: Evaluation
errors: set command
escape sequence: From Bytes to Characters
escape sequence: Characters
exceptions: String Indexing
exceptions: Array Indexing
exceptions: Exception Handling
exclusive OR: Bitwise Operators
executing command files: source command
exit: exit command
expressions: Evaluation
extract: extract

file name: __LINE__ and __FILE__
flags: Commands and Dot-Commands
flow control: Loops
flush: flush
for: for
for-in: for-in
form feed: Vertical separator
formatted output: printf
fun: Function Declarations
function types: Function Types
functions: Functions

gettimeofday: Dates and Times
get_ios: get_ios
gibibits: Standard Units
gibibytes: Standard Units
gigabits: Standard Units
gigabytes: Standard Units
global settings: set command

hexadecimal: Integer Literals
hexadecimal: printf
history, session history: The REPL

inclusive OR: Bitwise Operators
indent, as number of spaces: set command
indexing, into arrays: Array Indexing
indexing, into strings: String Indexing
initialization file: Dumping File Contents
integer literals: Integer Literals
integer literals: Integer Literals
integers: Integers
integral structs: Integral Structs
integral types: Standard Integral Types
invoking: Invoking poke
IO devices: Unaligned Integers
IO space: file command
IO space: mem command
IO space: nbd command
IO space: close command
IO space: info command
IO space: IO Spaces
IO space: open
IO spaces: Unaligned Integers
iosize: iosize
isa operator: The isa Operator

kibibits: Standard Units
kibibytes: Standard Units
kilobits: Offset Types
kilobits: Offset Operations
kilobits: Standard Units
kilobytes: Offset Literals
kilobytes: Standard Units

Latin-1: Character Sets
license, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
line number: __LINE__ and __FILE__
little endian: Big and Little Endians
load: Modules
load path: Load Path
loading files: Pickles
location: __LINE__ and __FILE__
loops: Loops
ltos: ltos
ltrim: ltrim

magnitude: Offset Literals
magnitude: Offset Units
magnitude: Casting Offsets
mapped values: Modifying SBM Images
mapping: Mapping
mapping: The Map Operator
maps, of displayed values: set command
matrices: Array Literals
mebibits: Standard Units
mebibytes: Standard Units
megabits: Standard Units
megabytes: Standard Units
minus: Arithmetic Operators
mode, of displayed values: set command
modules: Modules
modulus: Offset Operations
MP3: MP3
multiplication: Offset Operations

negation: Boolean Operators
negative encoding: Negative Integers

octal: Integer Literals
octal: printf
offset: Offsets
OFFSET: The OFFSET variable
offset algebra: Offset Operations
offset types: Standard Offset Types
one complement: Negative Integers
opening files: file command
opening files: open
opening memory buffers: mem command
opening NBD buffers: nbd command
OR: Bitwise Operators
output: print

pickle: Nomenclature
pinned structs: Pinned Structs
poke: Nomenclature
Poke: Nomenclature
polymorphism: The any Type
POSIX_Time32: Dates and Times
pretty printing: set command
print: print
printf: printf
profiler: .vm profile
ptime: Dates and Times
ptime: Dates and Times

qsort: qsort
quick sort: qsort
quit: quit command
quitting: exit command
quitting: quit command

rabbit herd: Offsets and Sizes
raise: raise
readline: The REPL
reverse: reverse
rtrim: rtrim

save: save
scrabble: scrabble
scripts: Scripts
separator, digits separator: Integer Literals
set_ios: set_ios
shebang, #!: Scripts
shifting: Bitwise Operators
side effects: Expression Statements
sign promotion: Arithmetic Operators
signedness: Integer Literals
signedness: Casting Integers
signedness: Arithmetic Operators
signedness: Integer Attributes
size of variables: Integer Literals
sorting: Sorting Functions
statements: Evaluation
statements, compound statements: Compound Statements
stoca: stoca
strchr: strchr
string functions: String Functions
strings: Strings
struct fields: Optional Fields
structs: Structs
styled output: Invoking poke
styled output: Styling
styled output: printf
subtraction: Offset Operations

tags, file ID tags: file command
tags, file ID tags: mem command
tags, file ID tags: nbd command
tags, file ID tags: ios command
tags, format tags: printf
ternary conditional operator: Conditional Expression
text files: Binary Files
time: Dates and Times
Timespec: Dates and Times
tracing: __LINE__ and __FILE__
truncation: Poking a SBM Image
try-catch: try-catch
try-until: try-until
two complement: Negative Integers
type: Defining Types
type: type
types: Types
types, function types: Function Types
types, integral types: Standard Integral Types
types, offset types: Standard Offset Types

unbounded arrays: Array Types
Unicode: Character Sets
unions: Unions
united values: Offsets
units: Standard Units
unmap: Unmapping
utf-8: Character Sets

variables: info command
variadic functions: Variadic Functions
virtual machine: vm command

warnings: set command
while: while
whitespace, trimming: ltrim
whitespace, trimming: rtrim

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