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6.1 .pokerc

Upon invocation poke will read and execute the commands of an initialization file, if it exists: the pokerc file. There are two ways to keep an initialization file.

The simple, traditional way is to have a file named .pokerc in your home directory. GNU poke will look for a file like that first.

If .pokerc is not found your home directory, poke looks in the locations specified by the XDG Base Directory Specification9 for a file named poke/pokerc.conf. For example, you could use ~/.config/poke/pokerc.conf.

Which way is better depends on your specific requirements and taste.

GNU poke can be insturcted to not read the initialization file by passing -q or --no-init-file in the command line.

Example of initialization file:

# My poke configuration.
.set endian host
.set obase 16
.set pretty-print yes
pk_dump_cluster_by = 4
.load ~/.poke.d/