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13.5 scrabble

The scrabble command rearranges portions of an IO space based on a transformation defined by a pair of patterns.

This command has the following synopsis:

scrabble [:from offset] [:size offset]
         [:from_pattern string] [:to_pattern string]
         [:ent_size offset]
         [:from_ios ios] [:to_ios ios]

The optional arguments are documented below.

:from offset

Beginning of the range in the origin IO space from where to start rearranging units. Defaults to 0#B.

:size offset

Size of the range to scrabble in the origin IO space. Defaults to 0#B.

:from_pattern string

String specifying a sequence of units. Each character is an unit. Defaults to "".

:to_pattern string

String specifying the scrabbled units. Each character is an unit. If a character that doesn’t appear in the from_pattern is found in this string, it is ignored. Defaults to from_pattern.

:ent_size offset

Size of the entities to scrabble around. Defaults to 1#B.

:from_ios ios

IO space from where to obtain the data to scrabble. Defaults to the current IO space.

:to_ios ios

The IO space to where write the scrabbled data. Defaults to from_ios.