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14.4.3 Array Constructors

Array literals can only specify arrays which a constant number of elements. They also require initial values for their elements, and it is also not possible to construct an array literal denoting an empty array of some given type.

Array constructors provide a suitable way to build such array values. The syntax is:

array_type ([value])

Where array_type is an array type, or the name of an array type, and value is an optional argument that specify the value to which the elements of the new array are initialized. If no value is provided in the constructor then default values are calculated (XXX: xref to default values.)


(poke) int[]()
(poke) int[2]()
(poke) int[2](10)
(poke) offset<int,B>[2](16#b)
(poke) string[3]()
(poke) int[][3](int[2](666))
(poke) Packet[3]()
[Packet {...}, Packet {...}, Packet {...}]