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8.2 RGB24 Encoding

The RGB24 encoding encodes each color as a triplet of color beans, each beam indicating a level of red, green and blue respectively.

Types are provided for both the color beams, and the triplets:

type RGB24_Color_Beam = uint<8>;
type RGB24_Color = RGB24_Color_Beam[3];

The indexes RGB24_RED, RGB24_GREEN and RGB24_BLUE can be used to access to a specific beam of a given color:

(poke) rgb24_color[color_tomato][RGB24_GREEN]

The rgb24 pickle also provides a table associating poke standard colors (see The Color Registry) with their RGB24 encodings. Once the pickle is loaded, this table is available in the variable rgb24_color. The table is to be indexed by color codes:

(poke) load rgb24
(poke) rgb24_color[color_tomato]