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13.1.1 Information dump shows

By default dump displays 128 bytes of memory starting at offset 0#B. You can change the quantity and starting offset by using the size and from arguments. For example:

(poke) dump :from 0x10#B :size 0x40#B
76543210  0011 2233 4455 6677 8899 aabb ccdd eeff  0123456789ABCDEF
00000010: b6a2 a578 8d82 7b7f 2076 374c 3eab 7150  ...x..{. v7L>.qP
00000020: 31df 8ecb 3d33 ee12 429b 2e13 670d 948e  1...=3..B...g...
00000030: 86f1 2228 ae07 d95c 9884 cf0a d1a8 072e  .."(...\........
00000040: f93c 5368 9617 6c96 3d61 7b92 9038 a93b  .<Sh..l.=a{..8.;

Note that both the size and from arguments are offsets. As such, both must be specified using # and an appropriate unit. (see Offset Literals).

The other arguments change the appearance of the dump. If the ruler argument is zero, then the ruler will be omitted:

(poke) dump :ruler 0 :size 0x40#B
00000000: b1fd 1608 2346 759c 46a6 aa94 6fcd 846a  ....#Fu.F...o..j
00000010: e39f 473f 3247 415f 174d a32b ed89 a435  ..G?2GA_.M.+...5
00000020: d2c6 2c52 bc82 e0a7 e767 31ea 84de 41e5  ..,R.....g1...A.
00000030: 2add 2869 e9c2 226b e222 8c74 4b94 af24  *.(i.."k.".tK..$

To omit the ascii representation of the memory, call dump with the ascii argument set to zero:

(poke) dump :ruler 0 :size 0x40#B :ascii 0
00000000: 4393 85e7 0b0c 3921 5a26 39ec 2f5f 5f15
00000010: cc46 e6f3 d50f 6ae6 8988 d50e f8c4 d1c6
00000020: 5a2f 7c3e 490b 18d8 d867 4b6f 2549 1f6c
00000030: 34a9 a0d7 24d2 e9ac 9240 8247 10cb 4ba1