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4.5 Auto-map

Certain maps make sense when editing certain types of data. For example, is intended to be used in ELF files. In order to ease using maps, poke provides a feature called auto mapping, which is disabled by default.

You can set auto mapping like this:

(poke) .set auto-map yes

When auto mapping is enabled, poke will look to the value of the pre-defined variable auto_map, which must contain an array of pairs of strings, associating a regular expression with a map name.

For example, you may want to initialize auto_map like this in your .pokerc file:

auto_map = [[".*\\.mp3$", "mp3"],
            [".*\\.o$", "elf"],
            ["a\\.out$", "elf"]];

This will make poke to load for every file whose name ends with .mp3, and for files having names like foo.o and a.out.

Following the usual pokeish philosophy of being as less as intrusive by default as possible, the default value of auto_map is the empty string.