- Jose E. Marchesi - Curriculum Vitae

jemarch.png Personal ======== - Name: Jose E. Marchesi - Date of Birth: 13.08.1980 - Nationality: Spanish - Academic Degrees: BSc in Computer Science - Languages: Spanish, English Contact info ============ - Phone (mobile): +49 (0)176 2409 1368 - Email: - Webpage: - Current location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany Free Software Activity ====================== - Member of the GNU Advisory Committee - GNU org admin for Google's Summer of Code 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. - Authorized speaker of the GNU Project - Maintainer of the following GNU packages + binutils (SPARC, BPF) + GCC (BPF) + GDB (BPF) + GNU poke + GNU sed + GNU recutils + GNU Ferret + GNU Ghostscript (gs) (2005 - 2007) + GNU Ghostview (gv) (2004 - 2007) - SPARC maintainer for elfutils. - CGEN global maintainer. - Contributor to other free software packages such as Emacs, gnulib, GCC, binutils, the Linux kernel, etc. - Founder of GNU Spain (1999) - Coordinator of GNU Spain (1999 - 2008) - Founder and editor of GNUticias Professional Career =================== 2016 - actual ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tech Lead of the Toolchain/Compilers Team at Oracle. At the Toolchain Team we take care of development tools, both internally and upstream. Compilers (GCC), assembler, linker, and binary utilities (GNU binutils), debuggers (GDB), etc. We focus on several architectures, with special emphasis on x86, aarch64 and SPARC. We also look after the toolchain packages in the GNU/Linux distributions developed and/or used within Oracle. 2013 - 2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Member of the GNU/Linux Engineering Group, improving the GNU toolchain for SPARC targets, both internally and upstream. - SPARC support in the GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities (objdump, nm, etc) + Support for the SPARC M8 cpu. + Support for the SPARC M7 cpu. + Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - SPARC port of the GNU C Library + Addition of SPARC optimized routines. + Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - SPARC port of GDB, the GNU debugger + Added reverse debugging support for sparc targets. + Added support for DTrace USDT probes in x86_64 and sparc targets. + Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - SPARC backend of GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection + Support for the latest SPARC processors, T5, M7, M8. + Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - SPARC support in elfutils + Support for the latest ELF sparc capabilities, relocations, etc. + Support for core and live backtraces. + Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - SPARC port of the Linux kernel + uprobes support in sparc. + Miscellaneous bug fixes. - Work on SILO, the SPARC bootloader + Patches to build silo as a 64-bit binaries. + Support for big images, handling of hypervisor VM. + Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. - SPARC port of SystemTap + Port to sparc64 in both 64- and 32-bits. + Support for sparc systemtap USDT probes in GDB. - Work on Oracle Linux for SPARC + SPARC-specific fixes (and their maintenance) for packages. + Full SPARC ports of many programs. + Distro maintenance. 2008 - 2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Software engineer in Terma GmbH ( Space Division. - ESOC Emulator Suite + Support for SPARCv8 and SPARCv8e. + Support for the LEON2 and LEON3 processors. - Sentinel-1 Operational Simulator + Implementation of the Data Handling subsystems. + On-Board Software integration. + Tailoring of the ESOC Emulator. + Software performance (Emulator, SIMSAT). + Build system and development tools. - Simulus 5 + Responsible for the SIMSAT 4.2 Kernel. + Relocation of the ESOC Emulator suite to generate SPARCv9 assembly code in SPARC machines running either GNU/Linux or Solaris. + Porting of the ESOC Emulator suite to SLES-11 and gcc 4. + Support for synchronous Traps in the ESOC Emulator. + Performance improvements in the ESOC Emulator. - SIMSAT 4.0 + Support for SMP2 complex arrays, and bug fixing. - Galileo Ground Control System + Implementation of the CMCF interface of the System Supervisor. - Herschel-Planck Mission Planning System - Modelling of NGMP devices in System-C + Requirements. 2005 - 2008 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Software engineer in Deimos Space (, Real Time Systems Division. - MGF (Message Generation Facility, Galileo Ground System Element). - AS4 (Advanced Survillance Space Software System). - RDG (Raw Data Generator, Galileo). 2004 - 2005 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Programmer at Dataware Sistemas, writing software for enterprise management. Organization and implementation of a workshop on GNU autotools and GNU development tools at Unisys Spain. 2002 - 2004 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Collaboration with the Software and Systems Technology Group (UPM), leaded by Prof. Juan Garbajosa. - Project DOBERTSEE (Low-Cost On-Board Software Development Toolkit, ESTEC Contract No. 15133/01/NL/ND). Education Summary ================= - BSc in Computer Science, Polytechnic University of Madrid, UPM. - End of degree project: "EDKIT : Editor Kit", a book fully dedicated to text edition technologies.