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Welcome! This page has links to some of the stuff I do such as articles, recordings of speeches, programs, little hacks, and the like.

Feel free to get in touch with me for any inquiry, by writing to jemarch at gnu dot org.


GNU PDF is a high-priority project to develop a multi-layered and complete PDF processing library and tools.

GNU recutils is a software suite to maintain databases in plain text files.

GNU sed is a stream text editor. It takes text input, performs some operation on it, and outputs the modified text. It is typically used for extracting part of a file using pattern matching or substituting multiple occurrences of a string within a file.

GNU Ferret is a graphical data modeler based in the entity-relationship model developed by P.P. Chan. It supports the automatic synthesis of the corresponding relational schema and the generation of the SQL for several database management systems.

Addressbook is a simple addressbook for Emacs. It uses the v-card format to store the contacts data.

JemPkg is an "amateur packaging system" for Emacs… or maybe it is a "home manager" to maintain and load system-dependent configurations. Well, something like that. I use it all the time, but, as its name implies, it is a quite personal hack and it may not fit your needs.

des-mode is an Emacs major mode for editing of nethack description files (both dungeons and levels).

bugz-mode is an elisp program to access Bugzilla servers from within Emacs. It provides a nice user interface.

a68-mode is an Emacs major mode for editing Algol 68 programs.

diagram.tcl is a pure Tcl package implementing editable diagrams in the Tk canvas. It was written to implement the graphical editor in GNU Ferret.

algol68 contains several resources related with Algol 68.


I wrote several short articles (in Spanish) for the Diagonal newspaper:


Here I collect the recordings of some of my talks. If you want me to attend your event and perform a talk please get in touch.


  • Patent Absurdity. Learn why software patents are nonsense and a danger for technological innovation.

About the Author

I am a software engineer with strong beliefs in Free Software. I maintain and develop some free programs such as GNU sed, GNU PDF, GNU Ferret and GNU Recutils and perform other "random works" in the context of the GNU Project. I also write software for money in order to make a life. I develop my professional work in the Space area writing software for the European Space Agency.

See my Curriculum Vitae for more information.

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